Singapore 1st Social Enterprise Hair Salon

Salon Social provide sustainable flexible employment & vocational training for our beneficiaries to stay relevant to the industry, thus increases their employment competitiveness. Our salon harnesses the power of community through you – our customers, to make a change in the lives of people who matter to you and me.

Aspiring youths in difficult circumstances

The youths that we take on board are from low-income families. Most of them are either born into poverty or are stuck in unskilled jobs that pay very little, hence they struggle to move out of the poverty cycle.

Besides struggling with poverty, the needs for autonomy & competency are also important. Youths want to feel empowered and have ownership of their career choices. It aspires them to dream further than just hanging out with friends. Learning a set of skills with gainful employment will empower the youths to be financially self-sufficient to break the poverty cycle. It will improve their self-esteem & help them to believe that they can realise their dreams. Hence, you are partnering with Salon Social to make an impact in the lives of youths when you book an appointment with us.

Single Moms

Most of the single mothers are the main and sole caregiver of their children and have very limited childcare assistance. Majority of them are unable keep a full-time job due to inflexible working hours.

It is also extremely difficult to find a part-time job to make room for family time, especially one that does not require both Saturday and Sunday.

To add to their woes, most of them also lack the time and money to invest in skills enhancement. This poses a significant long-term challenge in moving themselves and their families out of the poverty cycle.

On the other hand, sufficient family time and understanding employers lead to greater fulfilment. Many also like on-the job training and enjoy the social interaction that a job offers. Hence, you are partnering with Salon Social to make an impact in the lives of single moms when you book an appointment with us.

Meet the Team

We’re a team of Stylist and Colourist who create beautiful hair that you’ll love to wear daily with confidence and ease

Delia Yang

Salon Manager & Founder

Delia is known as the chemical girl. She understands the interaction of chemicals with hair – toning, colour neutralisation and customisation of colour products to acheive the desired hair colours. She specializes in chemical processes like rebond and waves. Her passion is in hair colour. She believes in protecting clients’ hair yet producing the desired results. Her works range from everyday wearable hair colours to creative blend of colours for the wild side of you.

Ritz Tng

Stylist & Trainer

Ritz has an aptitude for cutting. He was previously in the design industry and had shifted his passion for hair, especially in the area of haircut. He has an eye to see the finished work on clients and can always advise the best hair cut suitable for the client. His works range from daily wearable haircuts to creative cuts that exceptionally interesting, beautiful and novel, hair cuts that promises to turn heads around.

Your Social Impact

You are making an impact to the lives of persons with disabilities (PWDs), aspiring youths in difficult circumstances & single parent households by partnering with us as our customers. With every hairdo, you partner with us to impact lives locally.